Assetto Corsa mods are most probably the racing game. It develops from an Italian video game  Kunos simulazioni. The game must focus on the reality of the game.  It has a great working of customization. This game first to release in steam early Access programme. There is a great improvement in the enhancement of this game development. On the survey, this has observed that Kunos simulazioni about 505 games developed. Furthermore, it develops into a play store.


  • Assetto Corsa mods certainly a racing game.
  • This game basically reflects real racing of the game.
  • Moreover, it is a great example of laser scanning technology.
  • There is also a lot of unique techniques like a mouse, keyboard, wheels, gamepad etc.
  • Similarly, it may include software like Nvidia 3D vision.
  • Hence software can extend through the third party.
  • This game may allow to real setting of the game.
  • Probably it may contain unique session modes and sessions settings for both online and offline game.
  • Finally, it has observed that all the games which we play online and offline.
  • Hence the server manager tool it is managed it quite beautifully.


  • It may contain five essentials car and also include five cars
  • Above all cases, it may contain  high quality and quantity is very low
  • It is also available for free
  • These modes are available for both GT3 cars others are 1992 DTM cars
  • Moreover, there are two cars available Ferrari 512 Testa and Lambghorni Daibo
  • These two cars must icon for everyone when you buy it
  • Everyone knows about it popularity
  • Furthermore, it describes its main creator Alberto Danial Russo who made the 3D model
  • On the other hand car physical state tell us Jason coats who made us sound system, the structure body
  •    The main picture of two cars is available below.



  • OS ____________________________Windows vista
  • Processor______________________Intel core 2 Douo or 2.4 GHZ
  • Memory _______________________2GB Ram
  • Grahpics_______________________Direct x version 11
  • Direct x________________________vsersion 11
  • Network _______________________Broadband internet connection
  • Hard drive______________________15 GB
  • Sound card_____________________integrated
  • OS__________________________window 7, 8 , 10
  • Processor____________________Intel Quad core Cpu
  • Memory______________________6 GB Ram
  • Graphics______________________Direct X 11 , Nvidia
  • Dierect X_____________________version 1
  • Network _____________________Broad band internet connection
  • Hard Drive___________________30 GB
  • Sound card__________________integrated
  • First of all inorder to get better settings you will download latest GFX drivers .
  • you should careful when you install custom adavce so uncheck all options
  • So you dont need to 3D visison ,HD audio
  • you will make a sure clean installtons
  • After the installtion please rebot your pc
  • So please click on desktop and you should open Navidia control panel and click in manager 3D settings
  • you must right click on your desktop so open Nvidia control panel . Morover the manage 3D settings
  • For the global settings are given here
  • For anisotropic press 16X
  • So  assetto corsa 2  is some cheats available for trainers which is given mentioned below
  • First of all Numpad 1 for _______________Super acceleration
  • Numpad 2 denotes as ________________Super brakes
  • So Numpad 3 shows_________________Freeze Al
  • Moreover the Numpad 4 represents_____Al spinout
  • Furthermore Numpad 5 indicates______Super jumps
  • Numpad 6 shows you ________________Freez timer
  • Last option of this section provide you___Reset trainer
  • Above all cases it may define as for super acceleration so press the key Numpad 1 .  It will provide you fast speed you should use care .You should remain below the engine.
  • For super brake, you should press Numpad 2  the brake faster than normal.
  • Seems like the other keys you should Al toggle to freeze all drivers.
  • So the Al spinout holds the key to spin out all the drivers.
  • Even more press Numpad 5 jumps into the air.
  •  So the Numpad 6 allows you freeze timer
  • There is also last option available here reset trainer

The mostly there are some points are given for windows downloading

  • It is mostly available in  full version
  • This can support window 7
  • The download is expected 14 k
  • The language is applicable to this window is English
  • You can download it version 1
  • click the download  below the downloading start



For Downloading apk

There are some points for download apk mods

Click the download  below



The certainly the Assetto Corsa competizion are the most triumph game. This game based on the true reality of the game. It is most phenomenal in their physics. This game is unique its content. Assetto Corsa cars are composed of a decent mixture of cars. Furthermore, the bleeding edge car associated with open classic wheelers. Most noteworthy the tracks are chosen from Europe. This game truly based on reality highly technical and a lot demanding positions. Furthermore the second way the career mode for special events. It also describes how well it is important for quick races, time trials, and hot laps. Moreover, it is a tackle in any order. Hence it is highly acceptable in real life, therefore, its structure and mods are designed real-life-based cars.

Hence this game focus on the celebration of cars.  Assetto corsa 2 game probably gives the pleasure reality of life. Furthermore, it is one of the best game in racing.  Moreover, the game has an awesome track. It has laser light which makes more unique to the car. This will provide you with a long range and short range facility. The most probably it has a different kind of challenges like hot lap challenge, drift challenge.


Assetto Corsa mods are the most reality-based game. The certainly who system of this game is truly based on the reality-based game.  Therefore this game based has wonderful tracks. The laser light technology gives you immense pleasure. Assetto Corsa car list  Finally, you can play this game online and as well as offline.

So this game has wonderful tracks and amazing events. Consequently, the most attractive point is that its multiplayer game.  The browsers make it easy to find the game while they are in qualifying sessions. So all about discussions, this has proved this game has certainly valuable in the reality-based game.



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