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Bike racing 2 is one of the most climbing hill challenges. Bike racing 2 was made by ace viral and after that, it is classified into a category.  Almost 22507 votes for google plus.   Probably you will have to maintain the balance and have to keep the grip while you are in the air so that you don’t crush your motor. You can earn more star while you are in the air. You can also unlock the car by the main star.

Bike racing 2

Some information about Bike racing 2 

  • Attractive and engaging game
  • You can open it on your browsers free of charge
  • However, this game is built on HTML 5 to and which give the extraordinary results
  • You can start your race in three different triangles, mountains, winter and deserts.
  •  You should apply different tacts in order to bike your ride.

Some Great Features of bike racing 2

  • It is based on all physics rules
  • It may contain great graphics
  • You can play this game online
  • There should be organized a match. hence you can play this with your friends
  • So play with your friends to create room. Now you can challenge your friends
  • Moreover, you can change your motorcycles,   clothes.
  • Available more 25 different races  and skill courses .
  • Furthermore, you will have to keep some points in your minds. hurry up and don’t die for coins for winning the game.
  • Sound has been used in this bike racing 2 is a real one.
  • The great thing about this game is to maintain an online   ranking system
  • So improve your areas.
  • This game provides you so much fun and techniques.

Bike Racing 2 Control Movements

  • Mouse __________________Navigate
  • LMB____________________Interatc select
  • Arrows Keys______________Drive
  • Left_____________________A
  • Right ___________________D
  • UP_____________________W
  • Down __________________S
  • Accelrtate______________Space
  • Brake,Drift,Reserve_______B
  • Fire Weapons/Select______E

Bike racing 2 Scooting Away

  • So keep it up and enjoy your fun hours and it will leads you adventure games .
  • Finally, this game takes you a different level of a rush.
  • There are almost 60 tracks available here in order to reverse your engine mod.
  • You should enjoy this game each level it gives you so much fun and entertainment
  • Each level has own variety and way.
  • Start your level with a simple level and it will lead you highly technical stunt as you could see
  • So some points should be kept in your minds. You should not season biker in real life and it will take part in real life

Low Riding

  • Similarly, you have to take five distinctive bikes in your roads and ride it away as you want
  • Simply click the left side of your screen slow it down and accelerate
  • You just keep wandering here and there moves forward and backward to keep your device in your way

Some Tripe and Tricks

  • Organize your tutorials so it will increase your skill and techniques
  •  These kinds of tutorials can boost your basic control strategies
  • Keep your bike upward and backward so it will make you balance control of vehicles
  • Career mode in front of you so you can earn a star.
  • If you finish your game it gives you one star.
  • If it finishes faster than 2 its will be 3 stars.
  • Hence career mod is divided into different stages.
  • Your all score depends upon a star that you receive on one star.
  • Players are rewarded real money through the score
  • This amount you can spend real money on upgrading and buying new vehicles
  • The price of the bike may vary it may have cost 18000
  •   You can buy cash bags for real money

Bike racing 2 Mod Apk

In Android bike racing 2 you will have to control the bike and it will go through different ways

Bike racing 2

In this way, he performs different levels of play and obstacles

Bike racing 2

Some Android information

  • Interface langauge____________________English
  • Android Version_____________________Androd 4.0
  • Size _______________________________100 Mb
  • Developer_________________________Rooster Game

Some Great Cheats

  • You must have complted these levels in order to unlock these these stages
  • For stage no
  • First of all, you should get 132 stars.
  • Play with your facebook friends
  • Level no 2
  • in this sense, you will have to get 108 stars
  • to play with one facebook friend
  • For three levels
  • obtain 156 stars and unlock ninja bike unlock
  • So next stage as on getting 180 stars and get unlock the silver bike

Bike racing 2 Cheats

For Acrobatic Bike

For Bronze Bike

  • Similarly, get 24  stars in the desert, Arctic, Dunes and win three consecutive wins.

For Ghost Bike

  • Play with your 24 facebook friends

For Girl Bike

  • So Get you 12 stars, get you to backflip and get three stars

Gold Bike

  • To earn 24 stars each in deserts 2, Arctic 2
  • Win consecutive 12 win races and almost 5000 games in multiplayer

High Tech Bike

To create a game with your Facebook friends with random users, SMS and via mail.

Hog Bike

  • So beat police bike and as well as ninja bike and ghost bike and superbike in multiplayer

Ninja Bike

  • You must have to win 250 games.

Police Bike

  • Play with your friends at least 5 facebook friends

Retro Bike

  • You should win almost 5 games on multiplayer games.
  • so go on facebook page click like.

Silver Bike

  • You need only 24 stars each on hills. Beach, Savana
  • You should 7 consecutive win race

More Live Cheats

  • So you have one life left
  • In the meantime, you click on the home button.
  • It will start the bike race again.
  • When you try the race it will let down
  • You can say a bike  has stopped
  • Press ok
  • so open the bike race again
  • start your race

Download bike racing 2  

  • First of all click on the link on the download

Bike racing 2

  • The downloading will start
  • After that download click on link
  • install your pc


Bike racing 2 is one most addictive and famous game. This game whole rotates on physics law. The climbing about racing thrilling. The purpose of the game is to reduce tensions.   This gives you some extraordinary entertainment. So that it will relax the mind.


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