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Gta Vice City Game Introduction And Origin

GTA vice city game may action-adventure video game.  It develops from Rockstar North.  Furthermore, it publishes it’s from Rockstar game. First of all, it introduces in PlayStation on 29 October 2002.   Moreover, it also develops in Microsoft window 31 October 2003.   After that new and improved version is also inducting in 2012. Basically, it may the sixth title of this game. This game belongs to the vice city of MIAMI.


Probably GTA vice city game leads you in past. Most noteworthy this story rotates around the Tommy Vercetti. He is the main character of this story.  First of all, he sends to the vice city after released from jail.  So the main assignment of  Tommy Vercetti is to deal with a mafia family.   Hence this main task of story. Moreover, Tommy Vercetti is given mentally torture and also tease with different methods.   So that approach to the mastermind of this retrieves money and goods.

Similarly, you need the main plot for GTA vice city game.  As a result, you find a place to follow the story of Tommy Vercetti. Furthermore, you will see a lot of missions which main include techniques. Finally, it ends with a horrible death. It may include a lot of seen small size plot and a different location.


Certainly, GTA vice city game gives a great picture of the real world. Another great face of this game is that it consists of a lot of colors.  Moreover, it truly based on true art Deco architecture. Furthermore, it presents highlights of different type of vehicles in an era of 1980. The fact is that they don’t use real car brand but it is highly accepted.  The grand theft auto vice city contains a lot of unlawful incidents seems like vehicles damage, blood splatters, and terrible environments. Probably it sees if you play this game GTA vice city in the old version. You will find no changes in this game.


  • The mostly this system provides everything as you want.
  • This game provides you with the opportunity to buy better weapons.
  • The story of the game at it.
  • This game has a lot of missions. But GTA city gives a fewer option in order to complete this game.
  • Finally, you will have to complete missions for a specific plot. Moreover, you will stop for sometimes. You must drive around the city.
  • GTA vice city has a lack of physical control system. But they have fine tune system rather than Grand theft auto III.
  • Above all cases, the joystick is not working well. Moreover, the buttons are close together.
  • You will stop it in running positions rather than attacking.
  • You manually lock the person just press it than the game will close on closest person.
  • Moreover, the major problem may be driving. It seems like the car is running on ice
  • Therefore you hit all around the car when you are driving slowly
  • There is handling the loss of car and also it is not sharp enough
  • Hence motorcycle is performing better


  • The sound of GTA vice city is so amazing.
  • It has a professional voice which attacks everyone.
  • The soundtracks system also gives the light of 80 pieces of music which is famous hilarious as Rockstar.
  • The characters are so much impressive because so many voices are animated character of the game
  • So the music played an important role here the huge number of songs differ from others
  • IOs is best I tune to play your music



  • Aggressive may denote as _________________Miami traffic
  • Consequently All heavy weapons____________Nuttertools
  • Almost all medium weapons_______________Professional tools
  • It may include all all light weapons_________Thugh tools
  • Evenmore all balck car available __________Iwantitpaintedblack
  • All car must be pink_____________________Ahairdresserscar
  • All traffice lights green__________________Greenlights
  • Below up near by the car________________Bigbang
  • Car can fly ___________________________Comeflywithme
  • Foggy weather include________________CANTSEEATHING
  • Sunny clear weather__________________Aloveyday


Some Secret Cheats

  • Infinite ammo Press,______________ R1, R2, L1, L2 Down up, Down UP
  •  body armor press_____________ R1, R2, L1, X,  Left down, Right up
  • health press  ________________R1 , R2 , L1 , circle , Left , Down , Right up , Right down
  •  weapons cheats ______________R2 , R2 , R1 , R2 , L1 , R2  For Left down , Right up , Left down , Right up
  • For weapons_______________________R1 , R2 , L1 , L2 , Left down ,Right up , Left down , Down ,Left
  • Further more Wepons_______________R1 , R2 , L1 , R2 , Left , Down , Right up , Left down , Down , Down . Down
  • Vehicles cheats Bloodring Banger______Up ,Right , Right , L1 , Right , Up , square , L2
  • Bloddering racer___________________Down , R1 , circle , L2 , L2 , X , R1 , L1 , Left , Left
  • Caddy circle______________________L1 , up , R1 , L1 , circle , x

For weather Change

  • Normal_______________________R2,X , L1 , L1 , L2 , L2 ,L2 ,Down
  • Rainy_________________________R2 ,X , L1, L1 , L2 , L2 L2 circle
  • Foggy_______________________R2 , X , L1 , L1 , L2 , L2 , L2 , X

System Requrements

Minimum Requiemnets

  • Cpu _____________intel pentium III,
  • Porcessor__________1.2 GHZ
  • Ram ______________128 MB
  • 32 MB video card with compatibel drivers
  • Os Window 98
  • 915 MB free hard disk space
  • Sound copatble drivers

Recommenede Requiemnets

  • Cpu __________Intel pentium IV
  • Ram _________256 MB
  • 64 Mb video card with compatible
  • Dx dirct _______9.0
  • Os window______98
  • Store__________1.55 MB
  • Sound card ______Compatible

How to download mod apk 

App name_____________GTA vice city

File size______________7.60 MB

Operating system______Androide 4.0

Latest version_________V 1.07

Developers __________Rock star Games

Last updated________March 20 ,2018

Click the link



For Pc

  • Category _______________Action
  • Windows______________Window 8/ window 7/ window 8.1/ window 2003/ Xp
  • Available _____________andoride
  • Programm_____________English
  • Programm License______Full versions
  • Programme By ________Rockstar



GTA vice city game is one of the best game.  The while this story moves around a person who gives the assignment to deal with crime mafia. This game pertains a lot of pleasure and cheats and hack system.   Moreover, this will also amuse you. Therefore we can see a lot of incident in this game. we can also see the terrible environment in this game.  Most noteworthy it describes all criminal environments.





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