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Pokemon go apk is the most famous game. So it bases on the reality of augmented reality. Moreover, it develops and publishes from Niantic for ios and android services.  Furthermore, it introduces in some parts of the countries and then it spreads it to other regions.  Hence the game founder is of pokemon go apk is Niantic and Nintendo. In contrast real sense of pokemon is basically that it uses the mobile device GPS which may locate, capture, battle, and train virtual creatures called pokemon.  It presents itself as the main icon in the real world which is phenomenal.  This game is free to play and uses a freemium business model. There are almost 150 species is launched and now is increasing to 420.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon

Pokemon go apk Reviews

This game receives positive views and negative.  For the reason that it criticizes in technical points. Likewise, we can see here in 2016 it is one of the most used and profitable apps.  It downloads more than 500 million times worldwide at the end of the years.  Finally, the company pokemon reviews that it receives 800 million downloads worldwide.

Pokemon go apk gameplay

Even more, the game establishes and it becomes an icon. So it also spreads on the map. The features which appear of pokemon is pokemon stop and pokemon gym.  The Pokemon contain lure model which attract additional wild and occasionally rare one. While pokemon gym serves as locations of teams match. This game is firstly located at a place of interest. In this sense, the player moves in the real world and as their real character main icon also moves around him.   Similarly, the water type pokemon also find in near water. When the player faces the pokemon it may be seen as AR mod or live rendered.

Therefore AR uses the camera and gyroscope on the player mobile device to display the image of pokemon. There are also possibilities that player can screenshot of pokemon. Furthermore, in other installments, you can see the players in pokemon go don’t battle with wild pokemon to catch them. The most probably it can see them while you face wild pokemon. In this sense, the player may throw a poke ball it by flicking at the top of the screen up towards the pokemon.  As a result, a pokemon successfully catch it and it will come under the ownership of the player. There may also involve success factor rate of pokemon which may include time and type of pokemon ball used.

Likewise, the player is awarded two of game currencies. It may include candies and stardust. The candies awarded depend upon its what evolutionary chains belongs to. However, each pokemon evolution tree has its own type of candies.

Pokemon go apk Mod

  • Updated>>>>>23-11-2018
  • Requires >>>>>4.4 and up
  • Current version>>0.129.1
  • File size >>>>>>>88  MB
  • Developer>>>>>>Niantic
  • Category>>>>>>>Adventure Mod
  • visit website>>>>Click on this link http://www,gamecloude.com

pokemon go game Free download

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Pokemon go cheats and Hacks 

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  • Spoofing

Some people generate their fake GPS locations. Pokemon go apk is basically cracking down by randomizing state on the server for any player under level 25. So it is very hard to detect IV of pokemon.  On the Android side, it can see spoofing is also detecting and lockout the game.   So Pokemon is obviously want to prevents this.  Most recently pokemon introduce teleporting and soft banning people who previously engaged but return to catch.

  • Botting

Booting seems like spoofing but it is automated with the army of fake characters and also includes the bunch of scripts. The booter has the tendency to collect as many high levels pokemon. Further, it also financed by online maps ads and donations buttons and people who buy accounts online.

  • Multi-accounting

The people who don’t bot and spoof still cheating with different accounts. Moreover, they take gym so they fill up all the accounts with friends and families.

  • Shaving and cycling

The people who don’t want to take over the gym they shift into a new account.  It may include the new team. The pokemon off a gym by their own team and then replace its own pokemon team.

Jump in time to fast track

There are some term and conditions and it is given below

  • Catch pokemon for 3 days
  • spin poke stop for 7 days
  • Some players have changed their time zone on their device.
  • Generally, it is a bad idea to change timezone

Skip the raid and start animations

  • creat your empty team
  • Join a raid
  • Pick your empty team
  • Wait for the raid to start
  • pick your real team
  • Wait to start
  • Pick your real team
  • No matter if you have an empty team suddenly kick back and rejoin the screen back.

Kick any pokemon out of a Gym

  • Start Gym battle with 3 players
  • Player one and two out immediately and player 3 continue their battle
  • The player one loin new battle
  • Player 1 drop out immediately while player keep fighting continuously
  • Player 1 will join the battle and continuous
  • The player 1.2,3 all finish the battle at the same time

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  • Tap the pokemon you want to catch
  • you use the off hand swipe to the left to right and leave your finger down
  • Throw you Pokeball with your good hand
  • Lift your finger up as soon as Pokemon hit the pokemon trying to catch


Certainly, pokemon go apk is one of the most adventure game. There are so many users in the world who play this game and like this game.


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